Nature Is Calling You

When was the last time you left behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life and ventured back into nature? Just sat in the grass picking flowers, felt sand between your toes or even stared up at the clouds and just watched them as they changed shapes and passed you by. There is something so wonderful and refreshing about losing track of time to nature.
Nothing is more energizing for me than grabbing my mandala throw and heading to a beautiful park to just lay there for hours. Maybe it’s the feeling of the sun as its warm rays hit my skin or maybe it’s the music that I play to block out the sounds of cars and trucks as they pass by in a hurry. Or maybe, its knowing that by taking time out to look after my own wellbeing I am then able to spread love to those around me.
Life tends to get so busy sometimes that we forget to live. Sometimes we forget just how beautiful the world around us is. We get so wrapped up that we forget to just stop. And breathe. Why not take the time pack a picnic lunch in a gorgeous watermelon cooler bag, grab your mandala throw and just get back to nature? Even if only for an hour? Take in all the life that surrounds us every day.
We have some beautiful dresses in stock that are perfect for unwinding and getting back to nature or if that’s not your style we also have some that would be fabulous for a sneaky Sunday afternoon cocktail with the girls.

Put together by our Roxsta
Jessi Lauren
Whatever your self love style is, make sure you dedicate some time to yourself. Learn who you really are as a person and fall in love with the deepest roots of your being.