Seven Deadly Series You Need To Watch

For those of us fighting off the Autumn/early Winter change blues, we have complied a list of what we feel are the best, not overly talked about and underrated TV series that need to be watched! So grab you popcorn or wine and chocolate, whatever your thing may be & set yourself under a comfy Roxsta Mandala Quilt Cover ready to indulge and forget the rest of the world. 



Scream queens OMG, I am almost in tears of laughter just thinking back on this series! While adding mystery, horror and intrigue. scream Queens is also one of the most hilarious shows I have ever watched. Actual laugh out loud moments where Arianna Grande plays the dim witted and foolishly cute victim, alongside cool girl Emma Roberts (as seen in American Horror Story) makes for a great girly cast.

This series pits humour against horror and it works on so many levels.

Jamie Lee Curtis adds an extra level of humour and mystery that you wouldn't expect while frat boy Chad fills an unusual yet strangely satisfying role as Chanel's bf




Scream Only on Netflix! So I've begun to associate Netflix with great ideas and concepts accompanied by some very poorly acting, but the best thing about a great storyline is that if you love it enough, you will get used to the characters and soon, you will learn to love them too!

Honestly, this series is so hugely underrated!

Sure it's a corny theme, guy in a mask with a funny voice machine, mimicking one of the most mimicked movies of all time, but I assure you, stick with it past the first episode and you will binge watch the F*%k out of this!


The following With a constant game of cat and mouse, Kevin Bacon plays the role of a detective up against a criminal mastermind/writer with a cult following. The third and final series had us on the edge of the cliff at the end of every episode and I was heartbroken when it had to end! Honestly, whoever canned this series needs a serious talking to!


South of Hell Ooh this one was different! A quirky and horny demon inside a sweet & honest yet take no shit kind of woman, (played by American Pie's sweet school girl, Mena Suvari) makes this series one of a kind. We love the southern accented brother, voiceover and the determination of a possessed southern girl. Have to say, the budget must have been fairly low as the demon scenes can be quite laughable but well worth the watch! 


The Returned We have seen something similar to this before with another series and a cute kid called Jacob. I loved that show, but after a while it really just seemed to lose its way. This series has taken that concept and stuck to a great storyline and keeps its purpose strong. This focus and set of interesting characters and twists makes this series one to remember. 

Eagerly awaiting a series #2


Slasher, on netflix, well this one was a little unorthodox but when the other half decided that this was his pick, it was better than the alternative. 

After the first 30 minutes of more crap acting, we decided that any series that bases the plot on the surviving child of brutally murdered parents, moving back to her the home where said tragic event took place, (by surviving I mean that she was cut, actually hacked, out of her mothers stomach while she was pregnant with her) was too sick yet intriguing to not watch.


13 Reasons Why is on our radar! Only good talk has come from this so far and reading the intro has got us sucked in already, we'll keep you posted! In the meantime really...get these series on your set asap!


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