Going Bananas for Mandalas!

Even though we are mainly an online fashion retailer, Mandalas have become a huge part of Roxsta. Mandalas have been recently intertwined with the modern bohemian theme, currently flooding the trends of today. Even though the traditional bohemian theme is quite different to that of today, it could be said it is generally about freedom and the wandering spirit. The traditional values behind the Mandala is to display the earth and its happenings in circular form, our theories are based mainly by the Indian Hinduism and Buddhist methodology and the concept that most things in this world revolve in a circular method. The earth and the sun and moon rotation and the seasons, the circle of life etc. To this day, mandalas have a huge part in Indian culture and now also their economy, being the largest exporter of handwoven Mandala fabric in the world. 

All of our Mandala bedding is handmade, woven, stitched and coloured in India in small ethical factories and is completely individual.