Geometric Blue Double Quilt Cover Set

Geometric Blue Double Quilt Cover Set


Authentic and traditionally handmade mandala bedding.

Quilt cover comes with two matching pillowcases and has ties at the bottoms for easy insertion of quilt.

The cover has been hand cut, sewn, and assembled and has used vegetable dyes for colouring in a traditional screen printing process. Colours will settle after the first wash or two.

please handle your covers with care, they are not made on a factory machine and are not made for anything other than a gentle wash in cold water. Please do not leave wet for any length of time and dry in shade.

iron inside out.

A handful of salt in the coldest wash can be helpful for setting colours but initially slight fading may occur.


The Geometric Blue Mandala cover in gorgeous tones of blue has parts that are meant to appear faded but this is the design. Please assess your cover before washing as it can not be refunded after. 

Love your cover, and it will love you right back!