Can I get a refund or is it exchange/store credit only?
Of course you can! We want you to feel comfortable buying and we know sometimes there just isn't anything else you may want at that time or you may need a dress for a special occasion and your back up is from another store...we understand! We cant always have everything you want but we hope but by being having an easy return policy, that next time you will remember us x
Just make sure you check our T&C first.

How accurate is your sizing?
Unfortunately as much as some labels or stores will tell you, there actually is no such thing as Australian Standard Sizing with measurements. We really wish there was. We sell a number of Australian labels and they are all different. Some labels are aimed at a younger target market and typically their sizing will be smaller and other labels aim for an older target market with sizing aimed at that market. We have a general size guide in place but its always best to inbox us or email if you need more info.

How can I feel comfortable purchasing from Roxsta?

Yes we are an online boutique, but we are an Australian online boutique. Therefore we run an Australian small business which means at all times you are protected by consumer law and Fair Trading are very easy to deal with. We always lay all our cards on the table in the way that we will happily and honestly answer all of your questions and are upfront about all of our products. We have an easy return policy and try to contactable by Facebook Inbox and email most of the time. We do take time off so don't be upset if its 3am and you don't have a reply or its a public holiday because we are small, but we do our absolute best.

Do you have a physical store?
We are an online store only, with the added bonus of attentive and wonderful customer service without judgement in the comfort of your own home! Ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable with your purchase x

Where are you based?
We operate out of Newcastle NSW but ship everywhere within Australia and to lots of other countries including Hong Kong, the United States and New Zealand.

Do you carry Australian brands?
The majority of our labels are Australian designed labels, we occasionally get specialised stock such as our Handmade Mandala Bedding and Throws which are made in India.

I am always scared to make online purchases as I can never get in touch with anyone, how do I know you will get back to me?
We are very responsive to emails and Facebook inboxes but bare in mind also being a small business sometimes there are exceptions. No matter what happens, our easy return policy, our understanding and exceptional customer service are what sets us apart from our competitors and that is one thing that will never change! Always feel free to get in touch with us before your purchase with any questions x

How long will my purchase take to get to me?
Non sale items and non bulky items will always be sent through Australia Post express taking 1-3 business days depending on your location, if you buy sale items and extra shipping isn't purchased or if you buy bulky items such as inflatables or round towels, a courier or regular post may be used due to the cost of shipping the particular item.
please always contact us if you have any concerns.
At the end of the day here at Roxsta we aim to be contactable, we don't have FAQ's to deter you from contacting us or to make it harder for you, we have them so you can have more confidence in Roxsta! We are not the typical online boutique, we really do like to think of ourselves as your local clothing store with a friendly person on the other end helping you with all of your purchases from your couch, sipping wine and eating cheese while wearing your daggy trackies and we love it x